?In 2016, Blakes took the ambitious and unprecedented step of benchmarking the Canadian public company board landscape for GCs. We were inspired by our belief that the operational and strategic experience that GCs bring to the table, combined with their deep expertise in governance, risk management and compliance, would translate into a persuasive value proposition for boards. This report chronicles our learnings from the first three years of this undertaking — with a particular focus on the progress women GCs have made.?

At the three-year mark, the study is a good news story for women GCs. Year over year, the number of GCs on boards overall has increased, and proportionally, women GCs have led the way. There are still significant opportunities to convince boards without GC members that they will be better served by including GCs, and the positive trend lines we have seen motivate us to continue to provide tactical workshops that elevate the theory of board pursuit in terms of practical action plans for women GCs who want to get on boards.

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