Global climate change presents a rapidly developing and complex reality for businesses worldwide. Addressing the issues, adapting and complying with the complicated and evolving regulatory scheme require skilled counsel.

Our climate change specialists counsel diverse clients on effectively managing climate change. We advise on environmental risk assessment and allocation, maximizing green and sustainable energy opportunities, protecting and leveraging new technologies, and entering and operating in new or emerging markets. With offices throughout Canada and in major business centres worldwide, we offer national and international experience and perspectives.

Clients benefit from our strong working relationships with regulators and knowledge of existing and anticipated climate change legislation. The insight gained from these relationships afford us a deep understanding of the legal and practical issues brought about by climate change-related regulation.

Recognizing our legal, business and regulatory expertise, major Canadian and international companies retain us for regulatory and compliance guidance, monitoring, lobbying and government advocacy, as well as for litigation and dispute resolution services. We counsel clients on permitting, approvals and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance. We also provide transactional advice, conduct due diligence, represent clients before regulatory authorities and offer project development and day-to-day business operations advice.

Clients also seek our advice on all major climate change regulatory regimes, including voluntary programs and emerging proposals for provincial, national and international mandates. We assist clients in navigating the interplay of complex regulations when engaged in cross-border and multinational transactions. Blakes lawyers have represented clients on the sale and purchase of CERs from CDM projects, advised on joint implementation projects as well as new and innovative methods for structuring investment vehicles when investing in China, Europe, South America and the Middle East. We have also acted for global corporations and investment banks acquiring or divesting their equity interests in businesses investing in the carbon finance sector.

Blakes lawyers work with clients to develop comprehensive programs that integrate a green approach that considers the impact on their business profitability. With expertise in regulatory and environmental matters, real estate, commercial transactions, securities, infrastructure, project finance and tax and teams focused on automotive, aviation and energy as well as a wide variety of other industries, we are well positioned to advise clients across industries on all of the climate change issues they face.



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Partner | Calgary
Calgary: 403-260-9682
Areas of Expertise: Corporate Governance, Corporate & Commercial, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, Shareholder Activism, Climate Change, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Renewables (Wind, Solar, Hydro & CleanTech), Transmission & Distribution, Capital Markets, Oil & Gas
Associate | Calgary
Calgary: 403-260-9645
Areas of Expertise: Environmental, Energy Regulatory, Climate Change, Corporate Litigation, Pipeline & Midstream, Power, Renewables (Wind, Solar, Hydro & CleanTech)
Associate | Montréal
Montréal: 514-982-4133
Areas of Expertise: Corporate & Commercial, Environmental, Mining, Aboriginal, Climate Change, Environmental Assessment & Approvals, Environmental Litigation & Enforcement
Partner | Vancouver
Vancouver: 604-631-3333
Areas of Expertise: Environmental, Energy, Brownfields Redevelopment, Environmental Litigation & Enforcement, Power, Oil & Gas, Mining, Forestry, Australia, Mining Streaming & Royalties, Chemical & Waste Regulation, Climate Change, Environmental Assessment & Approvals, Environmental Litigation & Enforcement, Transportation, LNG, Aboriginal
Partner | Montréal
Montréal: 514-982-4033
Areas of Expertise: Environmental, Environmental Assessment & Approvals, Climate Change, Brownfields Redevelopment, Oil & Gas, Renewables (Wind, Solar, Hydro & CleanTech), Mining, Mining Streaming & Royalties, Lobbying, Transportation, Major Projects, Pipeline & Midstream, Aboriginal, Government & Public Sector, Energy
Partner | Calgary
Calgary: 403-260-9710
Areas of Expertise: Brownfields Redevelopment, Climate Change, Environmental Assessment & Approvals, Environmental Litigation & Enforcement, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Energy, Restructuring & Insolvency, Renewables (Wind, Solar, Hydro & CleanTech), Chemical & Waste Regulation, Aboriginal
Partner | Toronto
Toronto: 416-863-3868
Areas of Expertise: Environmental, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Municipal & Planning, Renewables (Wind, Solar, Hydro & CleanTech), Automotive, Manufacturing, Food, Beverage & Agribusiness, Mining, Business Crimes, Investigations & Compliance, Brownfields Redevelopment, Chemical & Waste Regulation, Climate Change, Environmental Assessment & Approvals, Environmental Litigation & Enforcement, Mining Law, Mining Streaming & Royalties, Aboriginal
Partner | Montréal, Toronto
Montréal: 514-982-4002
Toronto: 416-863-4003
Areas of Expertise: Chemical & Waste Regulation, Environmental Assessment & Approvals, Mining Law, Plan Nord, Brownfields Redevelopment, Climate Change, Environmental Litigation & Enforcement, Forestry, Mining, Mining Streaming & Royalties, Aboriginal, Environmental
Associate | Montréal
Montréal: 514-982-4291
Areas of Expertise: Environmental, Climate Change, Energy, Corporate & Commercial, Aboriginal, Lobbying, Transportation
Partner | Calgary
Calgary: 403-260-9633
Areas of Expertise: Energy Regulatory, Climate Change, Environmental Assessment & Approvals, Pipeline & Midstream, Power, Mining Law, Mining Lending, Mining Streaming & Royalties, Transportation, LNG, Aboriginal, Environmental
Associate | Calgary
Calgary: 403-260-9672
Areas of Expertise: Corporate & Commercial, Energy Regulatory, Climate Change, Aboriginal, Renewables (Wind, Solar, Hydro & CleanTech), Transmission & Distribution, Government & Public Sector
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